Tax, Offshore Structuring and Wealth Management

In our Nicosia office, we have a specific practice associated with innovative tax structuring and private wealth protection.

Expertise includes assistance in:

  • asset protection and assessing the potential risks to wealth as already allocated;
  • navigating an increasingly complicated tax compliance and risk management landscape globally;
  • cross-border planning, creating solutions effective across a number of jurisdictions for both business and personal assets;
  • access to high-quality, direct investment opportunities through our partnerships; and
  • supporting philanthropic ambitions.

Our Nicosia team works closely with you and your professional advisors to develop a long-term relationship and to devise and deliver a wide range of tailored solutions; all of which take into account various structuring options worldwide.

Our strategic priorities are centred on capturing the strong wealth creation dynamics of growth markets and on further penetrating the high wealth concentration of core European markets. As always, we are open to opportunistic acquisitions provided they offer a convincing strategic and cultural fit and are value-enhancing.