Montenegro: Competition update

July 5, 2018 | Insight

The most important change introduced by recent amendments to Montenegro’s Competition Act is that a single authority will be responsible for protecting competition and state aid in Montenegro.

The amendments provide that the State Aid Commission’s responsibilities will now fall within the remit of the Competition Agency – specifically:

  • the Competition Agency will be responsible for controlling state aid within 120 days of the amendments entering into force;
  • the new authority will consist of a council and its director;
  • the council will comprise a chair and two members, who will serve a four-year term;
  • the council will adopt decisions based on a voting majority of all its members; and
  • the new authority will be managed by the director, who will serve a four-year term. The director will have two deputies and two assistants (one each for state aid and competition, respectively).

The amendments were a result of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union and fulfil its obligation under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement to establish an independent operative body responsible for state aid.