Infrastructure and Resources

In the complex legal environment of Central and Eastern Europe, you need expertise that can allow you to readily cut through the red tape and develop practical, innovative strategies to complicated needs and disputes.

We have experience in conventional and alternative power grids (connection / offtake), project development, structuring, finance and operation, and emission credits related to PV parks, hydro/biogas and wind farms.

We have provided legal support in both oil & gas and mining projects – owners, financiers, entrepreneurs and operators alike.

When it comes to infrastructure development and upgrade, we can assist on concession-based projects such as PPPs that contemplate the private partner obtaining remuneration from end-users of a specific infrastructure asset (motorway tolls, parking fees, etc.).

Whether you are a project sponsor, developer/operator, lender or investor, we can work with you on procurement, including public tender bids, regulatory advice, negotiations and follow through.

Our professionals can help negotiate, draft and structure acquisitions and divestitures of companies and assets, joint-venture agreements for the exploration, appraisal, development and operation of projects, construction, engineering and supply contracts, and a multitude of other commercial agreements that one expects over the project life-cycle.