Data Protection and Privacy

We provide advice on the increasingly complex rules and the broad range of privacy and data-governance issues arising now in Central and Eastern Europe from the collection, use, disclosure and management of personal information.

Our understanding includes advising in relation to: banking and financial services; business process outsourcing; healthcare; technology and social media; telecommunications; transportation and utilities.

We provide our clients advice in relation to:

  • anti-spam legislation;
  • policies and guidelines applicable to privacy issues regarding marketing and advertising programs and campaigns, including social media–related marketing, online behavioural advertising, and marketing to children;
  • cross-border privacy issues, including the transfer of data outside of the national jurisdiction;
  • significant privacy information security breaches and regulatory notification issues for individuals;
  • compliance and data-governance issues associated with data analytics, fraud-detection programs and other emerging data uses;
  • investigations and complaints filed with privacy regulatory authorities;
  • workplace privacy issues, including email and Internet use policies affecting an employee’s expectation of privacy, and identify privacy-compliant practices for handling and using employee data;
  • data-classification and records-management programs; and
  • training and awareness programs.