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Corporate M&A

We provide counsel on a full range of M&A transaction types, at all stages of a client’s development. We represent a variety of players during transactions, including bidders, targets, boards of directors, controlling shareholders, institutional and private investors as well as acquisition financiers.

In particular, our people have the unparalleled experience advising companies that you require, on both the buy and sell sides of a wide range of negotiated and contested transactions; spanning the very small to strategic mergers and business combinations, from local acquisitions to complex cross-border transactions, from entire business to specific asset acquisitions, and from spin-offs to other business dispositions.

When planning corporate transactions, we provide an integrated service, from due diligence review to transaction structuring, from analysis of tax and regulatory implications to post-closing follow through. In addition, we regularly advise on commercial contracts and general corporate needs such as board and shareholder requirements, restructuring, corporate governance and best practices.

We can coordinate multidisciplinary teams, including experts in the fields of corporate governance, capital markets, intellectual property, tax, labour, competition and other regulatory matters, anti-corruption compliance, privacy, real estate, and litigation.

We strive to execute an M&A strategy in a customized manner that reflects your business profile, strategic objectives, and internal operations and processes, as well as the unique elements of each individual transaction. This combination of our unique breadth of M&A transactional experience and our customized approach enables us to become your trusted advisor in connection with your strategic acquisition program.